Going From a Life of Sorrow, to a Life FULL OF JOY in 6 Weeks.

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We’ve been through so much lately, haven’t we? Beyond personal pain, health issues, or family concerns, It doesn’t take more than a few minutes watching the news to make you want to climb back into bed, pull the covers up, and not face the world we live in today! There is so much destruction of all kinds all around us right now. 

To find joy in a world laced with tragedy is not going to happen to you. Feeling peaceful, hopeful, happy, or any positive emotion, simply cannot wait for better circumstances. We have to practice today.


To have a life full of purpose, meaning, and joy is a skill to learn. It is something you must be taught HOW to do. It is not about your next vacation, gaining more money, having your dream home, or landing your dream job. It is about HEALING the parts of you that feel broken so that you can move through this life feeling whole.

Whatever you desire can be yours, but it doesn't come easily when you have a broken heart. When you heal internally, things begin to align externally.

Years ago, I thought I had it all figured out. I knew what I wanted to do for a living, what school I was going to go to, how many kids I would have, where I would live, and I could tell you just about every detail of this glorious future in my mind. I had a beautiful imaginary life that was perfect!

As you can guess, my life didn’t go as planned. To be frank with you, very little of it has. I’ve been knocked down more times than I can count. I’ve experienced heartaches of all kinds, including divorce, addiction, health problems, spiritual confusion, anxiety, depression, financial struggle, and unexpected loss.

Over the past decade, I have been on a path to self-discovery, self-healing, and self-love. I have learned deep, life-lessons about how to grieve properly; find forgiveness, and ultimately accept life’s pain as a personal gift. I have learned what it feels like to completely unravel (hardly recognizing myself or my life) and then choose to pick up each piece and put myself back together again.

I have also learned that I was born for a reason...


When you were born, you were given life with purpose; a life with an inherent destiny. You were given strengths, talents, dreams, and a heart that filled with passion as it guided you along your path.

You also thought you knew how life was going to play out. The problem is that what you thought would happen and what actually happened is very different.

Now you’re left wondering what to do... Maybe you numb out, thinking things will resolve themselves with time. Maybe wonder how much time it will take… unsure if you will ever fully heal. You continue to ask if happiness is possible after so much going wrong.

I’m here to tell you it IS possible. Time isn’t what is going to fix it. Better circumstances are not what is going to fix it. What will ultimatly bring joy back into your life is HEALING. All you need is the KNOWLEDGE of HOW to do it. 

 I am here to show you the way…

THE JOY: Finding Peace in Hard Times.

The course, THE JOY, was created to help you pick yourself back up after tragedy and find HAPPINESS in the hard times.

I’m here to tell you that joy is not only possible, but it's probable if you learn the SKILLS necessary to identify where you are feeling ‘broken’ and do the work to heal that part of your life. As you feel more whole, and embrace your deepest desires, you will feel happier. You will rise above whatever circumstances you are in. Joy will become a new way of life.


- 6 weeks/modules worth of video Instruction.

- Quick 5 minute videos with 10 minute do-able daily assignments.

- A printable workbook

- Weekly group coaching calls with Heather. 

- A Community of SUPPORT with like-minded friends on the self-healing journey.



- Set down the weight of the world and all the things we cannot change.

- Step back and look at our lives as a whole, HEALING that which is in need of healing.

- Give loving attention and energy to each of these areas of our lives: Personal space, physical and spiritual bodies, mind, voice, heart, intuition, sexuality, relationships and talents.


March 2021 Group Begins Monday, March 1, and Ends Friday, April 2!

I like smaller class sizes so space will be limited for higher quality coaching calls. Reserve your spot today to ensure a place in the group. My next class will not be until March 2021!









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What to Expect:

Module 1: Personal Space

Here we will focus on cleaning up your room, and create a sacred space within it. You need a safe place to go to heal. This will set the stage for healing all other aspects of your life.

Module 2: Physical and Spiritual Body

Here we spend a week focusing on physical and spiritual health. We will be picking an accountability partner and reporting to them daily! If you struggle keeping commitments to yourself, we've got you!

Module 3: Mind

Here we'll clean up our minds. You will be doing a complete overhaul of how you are thinking and talking to yourself. You will create a new life by creating a new inner dialog. 

Module 4: Voice

Here we focus on embracing what makes you unique. If you could say or do anything in this world, what would it be? In this module we will work to the fears you have of the opinions of others in order to speak your truth.

Module 5: Heart

This is one of my favorite modules. It includes a healing heart meditation with multiple meditation visits to the heart. Here we learn to shut out the world and look within for our own answers.

Module 6: The final 5.

In the final module we awaken the last 5 "pieces" of you. Each day (Monday-Friday) will be a new topic. We will cover:

Intuition - How to awaken the deep inner knowing.

Sexuality- How to come back home to our bodies, own them, and feel safe in them.

Relationships: How to meet your own needs to find happiness within relationships.

& Talents - How to start doing what you love and share it with the world.

THE JOY is jam-packed with knowledge and skills that will give you the power to find joy even in the darkest days. 

Through filling out the workbook, caring for your home, body, soul, heart, and mind-- you will find your inner voice, learn to trust your intuition, grow in your relationships and be able to develop and share your talents in ways you simply can't predict before getting started! 

Life is hard enough. Don't do this alone! I created this course because I went through some of my darkest days alone. I learned these things through so much heartache and loneliness. I spent so many years numbing out, pretending I didn't need anyone and I could "do it all myself".  I suffered. I self-sabotaged! I walked away from the people who meant the most to me. It took years to figure some of this out and I don't want you to have to wait that long!

I created this course because life isn't getting any easier, it's getting harder. Every single one of us is here for a reason with important roles to fulfill, but we cannot fulfill them when we are barely keeping our head above water. We need each other and if I'm here to walk this healing path with you. I'm here to alleviate your suffering!

Don't forget!

This course is taken in groups! When you are in your 6 week group, you will be invited to coaching calls every week! Here we will be meeting up, getting to know each other and offering positive support in our individual experiences. Questions will be answered as well as further motivation and inspiration. You are not just taking a course, you will be joining our positive community of joyful friends.

Bonus: ya gotta love a little sugar on top!

This course was based on my book, Becoming Whole. Because I love you, when you take this course I'll send you the paperback version of my book for FREE! While the book isn't necessary to enjoy and fully benefit from the course, it is a deep dive into the ten pieces of us and how I personally picked each one up. 

And a FREE 5X7 of the painting on the cover titled, Wings.

This painting was actually a journal entry for me. Painting it was my first discovery of therapeutic art. It was my first promise to myself that I was going to pick up my 'broken' pieces and become who I was meant to be. It was the beginning of Becoming Whole, and THE JOY.

YES! I need this! Reserve my spot now for $120
I'm in for the payment plan: 2 X $65

Pick THE JOY when you are...

You are ready to finally HEAL. You're willing and ready to do the work, you are just not exactly sure what needs healing and where to start...

You have realized that the most important thing you could do for your partner, kids, boss, family and friends is to care for yourself FIRST.

You are tired of being sad and don't want to wait for a better day to be happy again. You are ready for THE JOY when you have realized that NOW is the only time you have, and today is the perfect day to start.



"I've never had a problem believing joy was possible for anyone around me, no matter how difficult or painful their experiences. My problem was I couldn't imagine it to be possible for me. I've always believed in a loving God, been positive, and grateful, but no matter the efforts I extended to find it, joy always eluded me. There was a block to me finding it and feeling it for myself. I can't put in to words all the breakthroughs in my life after meeting Heather and trying out her healing exercises. In some remarkable way, I've been able to break through the block around my heart and mind to discover that joy really is possible for me. I didn't know what it would look like, but now I do. For me, it's smiling throughout the day, like truly can't-help-it smiling. I find myself singing spontaneously. I let out a laugh here and there. I feel like dancing! I even observe myself and wonder "What are you doing?" The only possible explanation is that this is what joy must feel like for me. I'm so grateful to experience joy after so much deep anguish and heartache. It feels like my heart is open to feeling what exists beyond pain."

- Alene



"My heart is full of gratitude for the healing work that Heather has done for herself and has been so brave to share with the world! Her work has been a key piece to my healing. Let me first explain that I've been on the path of healing for almost 9 years since I discovered my husband's sex addiction. It was not only the pain from betrayal trauma, but also the reopening of childhood wounds of neglect and emotional abuse that had me doubled over in pain. In that moment, right then and there, I began a journey of picking up the pieces of my broken self. I was hungry for anything or anyone to heal me. I found, day by day and little by little, that a loving God was there to lead and help me find healing as I was ready for it. I did anything I was led to. I wanted to recover; to feel better, to be able to stand up again. I can honestly say I fought for healing every day! I poured myself into countless recovery support groups for spouses, self-help books, seminars, group therapy, private counseling, ANYTHING!  I did it all and I put my whole broken self into it. I was desperate to feel anything besides pain.  

When I met Heather, I was still a warrior, but I was exhausted and in despair. I was tired of working so hard at healing. I wondered if I'd ever be whole or happy. I had a voice and boundaries now. I divorced my emotionally abusive and addicted husband. I did whatever it took to provide a safe home for my kids and carry on like warriors do. But, in spite of all that I accomplished and all the recovery behaviors I diligently tried to adopt, I was still hurting and longing for a reprieve from pain. I put on my brave face all day, helped my kids deal with pain in healthy ways, tried to keep my own healing going, and then would cry myself to sleep every night. I thought this was how it was always going to be. What else could I possibly do that I haven't already done to heal? 

 Shortly after meeting Heather, she asked me to look over her book Becoming Whole. I sobbed through the entire thing! I related to the pain and anguish of her story. I felt hope for the very real possibility of feeling joy despite all of the pain. I felt encouraged by her ideas of HOW to practice becoming whole. Prior to her book, I found lots of resources that told me all the hopeful things I wanted to hear, but no real practices to access those feelings I wanted and the healing I longed for. And then Heather created The Joy, A Course on Finding Peace in Troubling Times. I was honored to be among the first to experience it. What I discovered, and to my amazement, was that by doing the exercises and journaling in that workbook, my heart was opened! More so than it had ever been before. I was literally healing my mind, my heart, my body...every part of what makes me whole! I have never before felt such an opening and clarity into myself and what I need to heal. My negative messages were exposed and refuted. My heart was opened and I was able to take a very brave look inside thanks to Heather's beautiful meditation that walked me through each chamber. The insights were priceless. What I noticed after these breakthroughs was that I truly felt JOY! Not only that, but I felt deserving of it. I was able to receive the joy that had alluded me for so many years of trying to find it. I can't seem to adequately express my gratitude to Heather for leading me, through her work, to find joy. I still cry at night, but they are joyful tears; the kind when your heart is full of gratitude.   

 This is my healing testimony. I can truly say I am becoming whole. Now I understand what she means when she says it's possible."

- Anonymous

Common Questions:

Meet your instructor

Hi. I’m Heather.
I am an Artist, Author, Blogger and Course Instructor. My work is primarily based on helping you to embrace your own healing after tragedy and heartache. I teach you how to grieve properly, find forgiveness and claim JOY again. I acknowledge that you have a unique voice and a unique path to finding your highest self. I’m fiercely devoted to honoring whichever path you choose, encouraging you to climb back into the driver’s seat of your own life. You have desires. You have dreams for yourself. You have unique gifts and talents. I help you to overcome whatever heartaches you might be facing right now in order to claim your highest potential as your new reality.
Heather ♥