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Learn How to Finally HEAL and Be Everything You Were Born to Be!

What you'll get:


  • Ebook Verson of Becoming Whole: How to Pick Up Your Broken Pieces and Be Who You Were Born to Be
  • Immediate access to the full course, which includes:
  • A complete life overhaul! 14 weeks & 39+ videos!
  • 7 Guided meditations
  • Multiple therapeutic art sessions
  • A guided body-healing session incorporating movement, stretching and massage therapy techniques specific for trauma release.
  • A printable course workbook
  • Membership to the Becoming Whole community for 24/7 support.
  • Possible opportunity to work with me in the future


  • Four 1:1 Coaching sessions (monthly) to catapult you into a whole new way of BE-ing. 
  • Weekly group coaching sessions (14 weeks) for community support and accountability
  • Live Monday Morning Meditations for 14-weeks!
  • Lifetime membership in the Becoming Whole Community for 24/7 Support
  • A signed hard copy of Becoming Whole + Gift package from Heather's Art Studio. 

What People Are Saying:

I've never had a problem believing joy was possible for anyone around me, no matter how difficult or painful their experiences. My problem was I couldn't imagine it to be possible for me. I've always believed in a loving God, been positive, and grateful, but no matter the efforts I extended to find it, true happiness always eluded me. There was a block to me finding it and feeling it for myself. I can't put in to words all the breakthroughs in my life after meeting Heather and trying out her healing exercises. In some remarkable way, I've been able to break through the block around my heart and mind to discover that joy really is possible for me. I didn't know what it would look like, but now I do. For me, it's smiling throughout the day, like truly can't-help-it smiling. I find myself singing spontaneously. I let out a laugh here and there. I feel like dancing! I even observe myself and wonder "What are you doing?" The only possible explanation is that this is what joy must feel like for me. I'm so grateful to experience happiness after so much deep anguish and heartache. It feels like my heart is open to feeling what exists beyond pain.


Heather has been absolutely wonderful to work with. She knows the art of holding space for others. I've never felt safer with any other practitioner. She will be forthcoming but there is a huge amount of love and support that follows. She has helped me face some of my deepest fears and I'm so grateful for her encouragement and compassion ❤

Aleisha Christensen