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Voice Meditation

This Is The Becoming Whole: Voice Meditation.

In this meditation you will:

  • Get in touch with your authentic self.
  • Shed whatever layers you have that do not serve you.
  • Be set free to live in greater peace and joy, more aligned with who you were born to be.

As a child, you ran wild and free. You were unapologetically free to be yourself and to explore new things with wonder and awe. As you grew, you began to cover up your authentic self. A little shame here, a little embarrassment there, a longing to fit in, a broken heart or two and you learned to be who other people wanted you to be. You built protective "layers" around yourself to fit the mold of someone elses' design.

We all do this as we grow, and as we do, we become out of line with our true selves and blocked to the peace available to us. Anxiety, depression, and discomfort grow as we become more out of line with our authentic selves.

In this mediation, you will identify and shed the layers that no longer serve you. You will finally release these things so that you can move on in greater alignment with your authentic self and become more fulfilled and happy.

Who you truly are underneath all of those layers is more glorious than you can imagine. It is the real you. If you are here, you know, it is time to be set free!

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