Becoming Whole 3-Day Course

Come and enjoy 3 sessions of my favorite healing modalities and practices!

Here's the scoop:

  • DAY 1: Mini Meditation/Compassion Key session. Compassion is one of the highest vibrations you can tune into. It is one of the greatest tools for dispelling emotional wounds and I can't wait to share it with you!
  • DAY 2: A Therapeutic Art Session with Heather. Learn how to color what you feel even if you "can't draw stick figures" Heather and her kids use this modality to process emotions all the time.. On day 2, you'll see how healing some of the darkest wounds can be fun and easy!
  • DAY 3: A glimpse into the big picture of your life. Often what feels huge, is one or two simple areas that need tweaking. On day 3, Heather will give you a simple and easy tool to gauge what area needs a little loving's and give you direction of where to run!

If you're struggling lately, going through a transition, or just ready for deeper emotional healing, this free course is  for you. See you inside!