The Circle Includes:

Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Support.

+ BONUS: Monthly Business & Financial Support. It is truly a WHOLE Experience.

Becoming Whole Course

Daily videos walking you through healing practices for each 'piece' of you. It includes an eBook version of Becoming Whole, a printable course workbook, 39+ videos, 7 guided meditations and resources for each topic. This course is the foundation of everything we do here. We will spiral through these topics over and over as we make the upward climb to our highest selves.

Heather's Miracle Morning Menu

When you're healing emotionally, you might not have time to think about meal planning, and unfortunately, it's the time when you need nourishment the most. The Becoming Whole Circle gives you a jumpstart to a healthy morning. Just click the grocery pickup link, add to cart, and Wham. Bam! A healthy morning routine is in the fridge! 

Community & Weekly Meetups

You've never seen a community like this! Each week Live classes and meetups are held inside our community. There will be live Q&A's, Geeking Out With Heather, Healing Modality Classes, Live Meditations, etc. Every month is new as we continue to rotate through different parts and pieces of us. Are you an expert in a healing modality? Consider hosting a class inside our community! 

Compassion Key Member Rates

Heather's favorite modality is called the Compassion Key. It is one of the fastest ways to dispel emotional wounds and heal deeply embedded memories, contracts, vows, karmic issues, ancestral traumas, etc. When you become a member of this community, she wants the floodgates of self-compassion opened to you. When your membership is active you receive 15% OFF 1:1 sessions. 

The Becoming Whole Course


9+ videos in total, broken into these 4 parts 👇🏼.



This week you will learn how to find the root cause of your pain to begin the healing process. Find out what is really going on and what has you blocked from having a joyful life. 


Learn about the grieving process to understand where you're at in your healing journey. Learn to grieve in healthy ways to remove the painful emotions from your body. 


Learn how to face not only the hard things, but the wisdom that you have gained from your experiences. 


You are the author of your story. Now what? In this module you will change the story of your life's path.


29 Videos in total, broken into these 10 parts 👇🏼.

Personal Space

Here we create a sacred space for you to feel safe and comfortable to do emotion work.

Physical Body

Turn a chapter in how you think, feel, and treat your body. Get ready for self-massage, mirror work, and deeper love for the skin you're in.

Spiritual Body

Learn how to connect with the parts of you that you cannot see. Learn how to balance and care for your spirit body.


Everything we create begins in the mind. Learn how to brain dump, clean up false beliefs, and fill up on the positives to heal your mind.


Are you saying what you really want to say? In the voice week, you'll really get to know who you are and how you want to show up in life.


This week is packed with healing heart meditations to help you connect with the deep wisdom that your heart has been longing to share.


You have a 'knowing' deep within. Learn to listen, trust, and act upon your intuitive inclinations to find your unique path.


Your body is your home & your sexuality is your gift. Here we heal the relationship between our sexuality and our spirituality. 


Learn how every connection is a reflection of self. Learn how to set yourself free & how to love others exactly as they are!


Dive into exploring new things. Learn to follow your giddy heart and learn the importance of PLAY!

 Heather's Miracle Morning Menu

- Lemon/Lime Water

- Celery Juice

- Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie

The BEST place to start to jump-start your physical health!

This menu includes a printout for the fridge, shopping list with grocery pickup links, & recipe links!

You literally click, 'Add to Cart', stick the menu on the fridge, and you're good to go. Healthy mornings in the fridge for a whole week!


Miracle Morning

This perfect for beginners! If you ready to live a healthier lifestyle, I highly recommend starting with the Miracle Morning and making this your routine.

*Full weekly menus are available once you have this routine down!

Soul's Gold

There is something magical that happens when you start doing emotion work. You begin to realize that your personal hell is becoming your greatest teacher. 

When you decide to do the work and heal. You will realize that who you were back then is no match for who you are now. You will be stronger, more compassionate, and full of wisdom... Because of your experiences--You. Become. More. 

This is the soul's gold. 

This is the transformation journey I am taking you on.


Take Me There!

A community unlike any other!

 Weekly Meetups | 30-Day Challenges | Group Meditations | Healing Classes



Key Discount

When your Circle membership is active, it includes 15% OFF Compassion Key sessions with Heather! Compassion Key is similar to guided meditation, only you are actively involved in describing what you feel, see, and hear. Each session is a journey back to wounded aspects of yourself while you bathe them in the love and compassion they never received. Compassion is one of the highest vibrations you can tune into & when you direct it to yourself, from yourself, it has the power to rapidly transmute beliefs, blocks, contracts, ancestral traumas, vows, karma, etc. Self-compassion is one of the greatest tools for dispelling emotional wounds out there. You are going to love it!

Join the Monthly Membership Today! 

The day you purchase grants you access to that same day for the next month, so hop in anytime! 

ONLY $40!


This Includes:

  • Ebook Verson of Becoming Whole: How to Pick Up Your Broken Pieces and Be Who You Were Born to Be
  • Immediate access to the Becoming Whole self-led course, which includes:

A complete life overview of 39+ videos with journal prompts and healing practices

7 Guided meditations

Multiple therapeutic art sessions

A guided body-healing session incorporating movement, stretching and massage therapy techniques specific for trauma release

A printable course workbook

  • Access to Heather's Miracle Morning Menu, pickup links, recipes and shopping lists.
  • 15% OFF 1:1 Compassion Key sessions with Heather
  • Access to all classes, Events & Challenges held within the Becoming Whole Community