Do You Believe You Can Heal?

Oct 20, 2020

Whatever pain you might be experiencing right now—whether it be physical illness, anxiety, depression, a struggle in a relationship, the loss of a loved one, whatever it is, I want you to know that YOU CAN HEAL!

When I am in my valleys, I have to remind myself frequently that ‘this too shall pass’. So if y’all need it today, this is my reminder—LIFE GETS BETTER! Believe that you can heal! If you can believe in a life where this conflict no longer exists for you, you can begin to live within that reality.

The first step toward healing is always BELIEF. So if you need help believing, this is how to start: spend time every morning envisioning it. Close your eyes and imagine what you will feel like when this pain you are in is resolved. What do you look like? Sound like? Act like? What do you do with your time? What do you have? WHO ARE YOU without this pain? Live it with your eyes closed. Spend every morning basking in this feeling. Let your heart expand...

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Therapeutic Art Class Tomorrow On Instagram Live!

Sep 30, 2020

Do any of you feel like you’re really good at connecting and taking care of everyone else, but to connect with yourself and take care of yourself feels foreign?

After becoming a mom, I noticed that I had a really hard time knowing myself. My life was so engulfed in serving my new beautiful babies that at the end of most days I had nothing left. The Heather I knew was fading and I missed her terribly.

Shortly after giving birth to my second baby I decided to start drawing and painting again, only this time these drawings and paintings weren’t for anyone else, they were for me. They weren’t pieces I would be hanging on my wall or showing to anyone, instead they were attempts for me to get to know what was going on inside of my own skin.

I felt like I couldn’t explain how I felt to anyone, because even I didn’t know how I felt! I didn’t have the words, so instead of finding words, I found colors. I would draw the colors I felt inside of my head,...

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Calling All Exhausted Mamas!

Every tired woman within the sound of my voice, this one is for YOU! I see you carrying the weight of ten men! I see you putting in long hours making sure the kids are taken care of, the house is clean, and the people in your world are safe and healthy.   

You need your energy back. You need your life-force, and you deserve excitement for your passions again.

Come join us for this exclusive event. The Gift of Burnout Summit is here to revive you!