Change your words

Sep 08, 2020
What do you think of when you think of changing something? Say you want to change jobs, your diet, your routine? Or maybe you want to change the way you see yourself and others. Does it seem hard to do? Does it seem scary or overwhelming?
What if I told you that change can be FUN and EASY? What if I told you that change could be FAST and SIMPLE? As simple as changing your words…
Recently I’ve been learning about Conscious Language and how basic shifts in the way we talk about things can dramatically change our reality in a very short amount of time.
This is different than basic affirmations. This is being aware of how you are speaking all throughout the day. It is deciding what you desire for and speaking it into existence. Just as God created the world in this way, you and I create the very reality of our worlds in this way. 
Let me give you an example. Today as you are going about your day, notice the times you think...
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I have a right to be here exactly as I am

Sep 07, 2020
“I have a right to be here - exactly as I am.”
My dear friend repeated her mantra to me the other day, and I can’t stop saying it both in my mind and out loud… 
“I have a right to be here - exactly as I am.”
Just a quick friendly reminder, in case you’ve forgotten: We’re all still humans!
Part of embracing this human experience is allowing ourselves to be full of flaws as we learn and grow. None of us are getting it all “right” and that’s OKAY! To be alive is to explore, make mistakes (if you can call them that), experience it, and move on! It’s fine! We have a right to plant our feet here on earth, fully engaged and fully alive anyway. 
So if you need a mantra today, when you’re having that awkward conversation with your neighbor, or when all the moms are staring because you “forgot your mask”, or when you’re running barefoot full fledged...
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The opposite of depression is expression

Sep 07, 2020
“The opposite of depression is expression.”
Trapped emotion, trapped dreams, trapped love, trapped resentment - they all cause depression. You know the feeling. It is like a dark cloud that is closing in…
So how do you get rid of it? What is the opposite of all of that? EXPRESSION. 
Letting out how you feeeeeel. Telling people the truth about what is going on for you. Telling them what you’re struggling with - the pain, the love, the hopes, the dreams. Expressing your TRUE and HONEST self through whatever means come to you in whatever moment you are in.
I’ve been feeling it this year. This slow build up of hovering dark matter over me. Dreams left unexplored, words left unsaid, forgiveness left unresolved, love left unexpressed, sorrow left unapologized for. I pretended for so long and got so damn good at smiling through it; acting as if ‘dark clouds are normal and that everyone lives with one.’ I told myself these...
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Healing - Learning to heal after lifes setbacks

Sep 07, 2020
We’re all in need of it aren’t we?
We long to feel whole. To feel connected to ourselves. To sink into our worth and feel at peace inside of our own skin.
No one is exempt. We all want this on some level and yet there is this dissonance because the truth is, life knocks us down! Sometimes it knocks us down hard. We go through things we never saw coming. We question alllll the things, including ourselves. And… WE HURT. 
So what do we do when we find ourselves stuck in our own messes, feeling knocked-down and “broken”? 
What do you do? 
Do you do like I did? Paste a smile on? Pretend? Run? Hide? Numb?… Believe me, I only spent about 30 years doing life this way and eventually it caught up to me! I got tired and ran out of mental/emotional/financial resources trying to run from my own damn self. 
So what do I do now? I sit with it. I let the pain in my life be my teacher....
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Hi Im Heather!

Sep 07, 2020
Hi. I’m Heather.
I am an Artist, Author, Blogger and Course Instructor. My work is primarily based on helping you to embrace your own healing after tragedy and heartache. I teach you how to grieve properly, find forgiveness and claim JOY again. I acknowledge that you have a unique voice and a unique path to finding your highest self. I’m fiercely devoted to honoring whichever path you choose, encouraging you to climb back into the driver’s seat of your own life. You have desires. You have dreams for yourself. You have unique gifts and talents. I help you to overcome whatever heartaches you might be facing right now in order to claim your highest potential as your new reality.
Heather ♥
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