Rules For Happiness

Sep 29, 2020

I was at the doctors office the other day and there was a little screen that kept popping up quotes on depression statistics. I thought of you. Any of you who might be struggling with the weight of the world right now. Then this little bit of advice popped up on the screen. It read,

Rules for happiness:
- Something to do.
- Someone to love.
- Something to hope for.

I instantly started smiling at the simplicity, wrote it down and keep looking at it deciding what my three things are.

Here is what I have so far:
Something to do: Come online and spread a little bit of healing in these squares.
Someone to love: The girl living inside of my skin. My husband. My kiddos. Whoever it is that stands before me.
Something to hope for: Our little business adventure down in Blackfoot.

So I’m curious to know, what are your three things? ‍ Comment below

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Learning to Let Go

Sep 25, 2020
Learning to Let Go.
Yesterday I talked about all the things that happen so beautifully and naturally without us having to control them. Our hearts pump, our lungs fill with air, we digest our food, the seasons change, etc. All of these functions are effortless. All of these also have a flow to them. As I wrote I realized that with just about everything I can think of in nature, there is a gathering and releasing; an ebb and flow of opposites. We gather air, we release air, blood flows away, blood flows back, the sun comes up and draws back down, seasons come and seasons go… 
As I wrote I thought “No wonder I mess things up! I gather and I cling. I forget to trust that good things will always come back to me. I hesitate to let go.”


It is human nature to only want the good, to try to gather up all of the wonderful things and experience nothing less, but the truth is that life is just about 50/50. Humans are about 50/50. Emotions are about...
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Sep 23, 2020
I used to hate the word. It made me feel powerless. I felt as if I surrendered that my life would be consumed by all the forces of evil and everything I cared about would be taken from me! Not kidding. In my innocence I learned to try to control just about everything in order to feel safe in this world… The only problem is that it didn’t work. My life was a train wreck. 
Lately I’ve been noticing the things in this world that work in perfect harmony without any effort or awareness on my part. My lungs bring oxygen to my heart and brain. My heart beats so consistently without any conscious effort. My body digests my food. The sun warms the earth, the seasons renew themselves. All these things happen so beautifully without my having to control them. And then I wondered if they work so beutifully BECAUSE I’m not the One controlling them. 
The things we care less about we tend to be willing to leave it up to God....
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Your perfection already exists

Sep 23, 2020
Your perfection already exists.🌟
“When Michelangelo was asked how he created a piece of sculpture, he answered that the statue already existed within the marble. God Himself had created the Pieta, David, Moses. Michelangelo’s job, as he saw it, was to get rid of the excess marble that surrounded God’s creation.
“So it is with you. The perfect you isn’t something you need to create, because God already created it. The perfect you is the LOVE within you. Your job is to allow the Holy Spirit to remove the fearful thinking that surrounds your perfect self, just as excess marble surrounded Michelangelo’s perfect statue.” - Marianne Williamson, A Return To Love
I am in awe of this thought, especially coupled with the idea that “Hate is not the opposite of love, fear is.” And “Love is letting go of fear.” -Gerald G. Jampolsky 
In my idea, the purpose of life has gotten very simple lately....
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True Christianity is to digest hate and turn it into love. - Dr. Finlayson-Fife

Sep 18, 2020
True Christianity is to digest hate and turn it into love. - Dr. Finlayson-Fife
This thought is becoming just about the only religious principle I want to cling to lately. The more I learn about Jesus Christ, the more I realize that all He really asked of us was to Love. In His short time on earth,  He broke down just about every barrier; political, social, cultural, religious… He reached past so many expectations of His time to ‘behave’ a certain way and instead He chose LOVE. Every single time.
Sometimes I think life gets a little crazy in order to wake us all up. God has been waking me up; whispering, guiding, teaching me in ways I never thought He would. I didn’t see any of it coming and I’m trying to do my best to open my heart and mind up to Him and take it all in waves. 
Here is what I know so far. Love is truly the only thing that matters. To take in the pain of life, feel it, digest it, and respond back with...
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God is in us

Sep 17, 2020
The other day I was deep in meditation. In this prayer-like state, the heavens felt so close It was almost as if I could reach out and touch them. A wave of courage came over me and I asked God to reveal himself to me. In an instant an image appeared in my mind but it was not an image of a magnificent figure sitting upon His throne, instead what was placed in my mind was the image of a newborn baby. I didn’t understand straight away, but as I felt the significance and watched this newborn baby it sent chills up and down my entire spine. My soul understood something and tears began to roll down my face as I sat and watched.
What I feel God was trying to tell me was this: God is in us. All of us. Every single soul that has been born on the earth was made of the Gods. That baby represented every soul, including me. I had the impression that if I want to see God I only need to open my eyes and look down at my own hands. He seemed to whisper that He is here. Mother is here....
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Sep 16, 2020

“One of my favorite things is to be walking down the road and see the single flower that is blooming up through a crack in the hard concrete. I just want to stop right there and applaud and say, “You go, baby!” This is true joy.” - Alexander Loyd, The Healing Code.

Many of us, tend to confuse happiness for joy. Happiness is when things are going well in your life and you feel good about it. Joy on the other hand is the feeling you get when you have been through hell and you decide to grow anyway. That flower growing in the crack in the pavement decided to to reach for it’s potential against all odds. It had obstacles in it’s way and charted it’s own path. There is no way this lit could have done what it did by sitting still and looking at the pavement, pondering it’s bad luck. Instead it got there by gathering up the best vitamins and minerals it could from the earth, nourishing its little roots, looking up at the sun and reaching for...

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The qualities you love in others are the qualities that exists in YOU

Sep 16, 2020
The qualities you love in others are the qualities that exists in YOU and are aching to be set free.
Have you ever wondered why you admire certain people? We all have these people in our lives right? The ones we can’t stop noticing how AMAZING they are. How so many things they do seem to impact us deeply. We see something in them. We notice their personality on a deeper lever and they have specific qualities we are drawn to. When we talk to them or see them, it pulls on our heart strings. 
Repeatedly over the past month I have learned in numberous different ways on numerous different occasions that when our soul notices specific people with their specific qualities, it is trying to awake us to WHO WE ARE, to OUR similar qualities that are aching to be set free. 
How incredible is that!? And what a relief! What we love, what we long for in others IS us. It is a call to step into our true selves. 
So today, I want you to pick that one...
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Coming back home to yourself

Sep 16, 2020
More than we long for any other thing, we long to come back home to ourselves. 
For those of you who don’t know, the last two years my husband and I have been dreaming, planning and building our forever home. We stayed up on the lot for most of the project and watched as our dreams were coming true, nail by nail, board by board. As time got closer and the expense of the project grew, we realized it would be so much better for us to sell it. This was a hard decision and both of us mourned the loss of our home in our own way.
What I didn’t realize at the time is that God was about to teach me something that would end up being one of my greatest gifts. This life lesson would end up dramatically altering my life.
One night in the middle of the night I was woken up to a very distinct thought.
“Your body is your home.” The whisper startled me. 
(Mind you I have moved over 30 times in 18 years. I have been anxiously...
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Love yourself

Sep 10, 2020
The best thing you can do for any relationship is learn to love yourself.
It’s shaky ground to wait and rely on other people to validate you.; to hear you; to understand you and care. Of course when other people see you and love you it feels wonderful! But let me let you in on a little secret…
You don’t need it.
What you actually need, what you actually are longing for is your own self loving you. Your own self validating you; your own self listening to you, acting and following through; your own compassion; your own understanding… This is the gold that will transform you and every person you come in contact with. This is the magic that lasts.
Until you figure out how to be your own best friend; your own love; your own partner in life- everyone else’s love (no matter how incredible) will feel superficial and hollow to you. It will be temporary and you will find yourself doing things that don’t resonate with you in...
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