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Your perfection already exists

Sep 23, 2020
Your perfection already exists.🌟
“When Michelangelo was asked how he created a piece of sculpture, he answered that the statue already existed within the marble. God Himself had created the Pieta, David, Moses. Michelangelo’s job, as he saw it, was to get rid of the excess marble that surrounded God’s creation.
“So it is with you. The perfect you isn’t something you need to create, because God already created it. The perfect you is the LOVE within you. Your job is to allow the Holy Spirit to remove the fearful thinking that surrounds your perfect self, just as excess marble surrounded Michelangelo’s perfect statue.” - Marianne Williamson, A Return To Love
I am in awe of this thought, especially coupled with the idea that “Hate is not the opposite of love, fear is.” And “Love is letting go of fear.” -Gerald G. Jampolsky 
In my idea, the purpose of life has gotten very simple lately. Our perfection already exists. God sees us. Knows us. And loves us AS WE ARE. He discovered and sculpted our beauty long ago. WE are the one’s down here discovering unveiling the truth about ourselves. We are all magnificent and perfect in our own way. We were created by love, therefore we ARE love. All of us. The joy of mortality is to have the opportunity, bit by bit to unveil the magnificent creation that we already are. We discover truth about ourselves by letting go of our fears. 
My mom told me recently that “One of the greatest lies we have ever believed is that we are supposed to look and act the same, or have the same path.” God created glorious, DIFFERENT beings. The perfection that you unveil will look, sound, act, and dress differently than the perfection your neighbor unveils. Both of you are perfect.
Love you guys, 
🧡 Heather.

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