Your Happiness Is On YOU.

Oct 07, 2020

Your happiness is on YOU.

Part of growing into maturity is learning how to meet our own needs. As a child we were dependent upon others to fill our cup. If we wanted fed, we asked and waited for someone else to feed us. If we wanted comforted after we fell down, we cried to our moms. If we wanted to play we had to wait for the next activity or we had to get permission. We learned as a child that something outside of us was going to take care of us and fulfill us. Some people never grow out of that…

Emotional maturity is learning how to meet your OWN needs and it is a learned behavior. Most of us learn it the hard way, by expecting someone else to show up for us, stand up for us, be there to comfort us, listen to our every desire and come running (because that’s what “love” is😅). We wait and wait (some learn to manipulate, whine or punish other people into meeting their needs) until one day we FINALLY figure out that we are a grown up now and we are the very best person for the job!

I want to spare you time and heartache right now with some tough love... If you are coming up empty in your life; if you are sad or angry the majority of the time; if you are not getting enough sleep; eating what you want to eat; living the life you want to live- that is on YOU.

Also, if you are waiting your or partner or someone else to comfort you, make you feel good, save you from your choices, fulfill your desires or to take you on the next adventure that will make you happy; you might be waiting awhile!😅 😂

Many of relationships go down to the grave because one or both partners fail to figure this out. So bear with me as I’m a little bold… If you’re not happy, YOU are the one who needs to do something about it. Your happiness is on you.

The best part about learning these things is the realization that your wait is finally over! Your needs can be met now! Few things are as liberating as figuring out that the ‘knight in shining armor’ you’ve waited your whole life for, is YOU.

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