Therapeutic Art Class Tomorrow On Instagram Live!

Sep 30, 2020

Do any of you feel like you’re really good at connecting and taking care of everyone else, but to connect with yourself and take care of yourself feels foreign?

After becoming a mom, I noticed that I had a really hard time knowing myself. My life was so engulfed in serving my new beautiful babies that at the end of most days I had nothing left. The Heather I knew was fading and I missed her terribly.

Shortly after giving birth to my second baby I decided to start drawing and painting again, only this time these drawings and paintings weren’t for anyone else, they were for me. They weren’t pieces I would be hanging on my wall or showing to anyone, instead they were attempts for me to get to know what was going on inside of my own skin.

I felt like I couldn’t explain how I felt to anyone, because even I didn’t know how I felt! I didn’t have the words, so instead of finding words, I found colors. I would draw the colors I felt inside of my head, heart, and gut.

As I scribbled these little pieces of art out, I got to know myself better and was instantly better able to articulate my emotions. I was able to release old hurts, find forgiveness and hone in on my deepest desires. It was an incredibly healing experience for me.

Tomorrow I’ll be joining Women Need Women and teaching a little therapeutic art class here on Instagram Live at 1:30. 🧑‍🎨Please come if you're interested! I’m excited to support their little group and be teaching therapeutic art again!! Oh how I’ve missed it!!!

Supplies to bring:
🖍A pack of crayons, markers, watercolor etc.
🖍A couple sheets of blank white paper
🖍A blindfold! (Yes a blindfold!)

Also, NO you don’t need to consider yourselves artistic. If you can hold a crayon, you’re at the skill level that is necessary for this class!
Love you guys! Set your alarms for 1:30 tomorrow and I’ll see you in class!
🧡 Heather


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