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The Universe Is RIGGED In Your Favor

Oct 01, 2020

Trav and I were standing in our kitchen yesterday afternoon just talking and smiling for no reason. So much has changed within us, so many lessons learned and our lives have taken so many unexpected turns for the better. We were talking about all of this and then he said, “You know, this has been one of the worst years of our married life, and it has been one of the best years of our lives.”

I couldn’t agree more. It was so moving for us to stand there almost in awe at what this year has brought to us and to our little family. I’ve shared a little bit with y’all but as you know, these little squares only hold so much. What goes on inside of hearts and homes is so much more than what we all share and see here.

This year and this conversation with Trav has left me entirely convinced that even the most painful circumstances are rigged in our favor. That God and the Universe has so much in store for us; things we cannot fathom; things we couldn’t dream up if we tried - but that these things are being prepared as God is also (sometimes painfully) clearing our slate.
I don’t know who needs to hear this, but whatever it is that this life is taking from you right now. Whatever you have lost, whatever is changing or ending in your world… God is going to restore it with something far better than you could ever dream of. He will.

Your job is surprisingly simple. You need to get out of your own way. Grieve, sure. Let yourself FEEEL the loss. Hold yourself through it as you mourn. Let your wishes be known to your God and then LET IT GO. TRUST that God heard you. He’s preparing it all. Relax into whatever it is you’re experiencing. Let the past be in the past and let the right things that are meant to you come in their own time and in their own magical way. I promise you guys there is no way to even predict how life is going to play out. But one thing I believe now more than ever is that The Universe is RIGGED in our FAVOR.


Love you guys, 

🧡 Heather

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