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The qualities you love in others are the qualities that exists in YOU

Sep 16, 2020
The qualities you love in others are the qualities that exists in YOU and are aching to be set free.
Have you ever wondered why you admire certain people? We all have these people in our lives right? The ones we can’t stop noticing how AMAZING they are. How so many things they do seem to impact us deeply. We see something in them. We notice their personality on a deeper lever and they have specific qualities we are drawn to. When we talk to them or see them, it pulls on our heart strings. 
Repeatedly over the past month I have learned in numberous different ways on numerous different occasions that when our soul notices specific people with their specific qualities, it is trying to awake us to WHO WE ARE, to OUR similar qualities that are aching to be set free. 
How incredible is that!? And what a relief! What we love, what we long for in others IS us. It is a call to step into our true selves. 
So today, I want you to pick that one person you can’t help but deeply admire. I want you to make a list of everything you LOVE about that person. Don’t hold back…
Then I want you to acknowledge and recognize that those qualities are in YOU. Heed your soul’s call. Embrace those beautiful qualities in yourself today… 
Love you guys,
🧡 - Heather

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