The opposite of depression is expression

Sep 07, 2020
“The opposite of depression is expression.”
Trapped emotion, trapped dreams, trapped love, trapped resentment - they all cause depression. You know the feeling. It is like a dark cloud that is closing in…
So how do you get rid of it? What is the opposite of all of that? EXPRESSION. 
Letting out how you feeeeeel. Telling people the truth about what is going on for you. Telling them what you’re struggling with - the pain, the love, the hopes, the dreams. Expressing your TRUE and HONEST self through whatever means come to you in whatever moment you are in.
I’ve been feeling it this year. This slow build up of hovering dark matter over me. Dreams left unexplored, words left unsaid, forgiveness left unresolved, love left unexpressed, sorrow left unapologized for. I pretended for so long and got so damn good at smiling through it; acting as if ‘dark clouds are normal and that everyone lives with one.’ I told myself these things because I wasn’t ready to say what I needed to say. I wasn’t even entirely sure what it was I wanted and I sure as heck didn’t know how I would be getting it! But in the right moment in my right time with an unexpected wave of courage the words started to fall out. Unsure, unsteady of exactly where I was going and exactly what I needed, I went for it anyway. Like a skydiver hopping out of the plane. I allowed myself to open up in complete and utter raw honesty. I threw open the windows to the dark house I’ve been living in.  
To express ourselves takes courage. Yes, I know. ANNNND it feels SOOO DAAAANG GOOD. Like a school bus lifting off your shoulders. Like the first warm day after a long winter. Like a sick and dying lungs that can finally breathe again. 
We need the freedom to express who we are and where we are at.
So, if it’s been a hot minute since you’ve opened up and allowed yourself the privilege of being human. I want to invite you to show up for your life today Exactly. As. You. Are. Expressing honestly exactly where you’re at. Even if the only person you are expressing it to is yourself and your dog. Or God. Or a tree. Or whatever/whomever you feel so inclined to share it with. Say what you need to say. Dance it out, write it out, shout it out, cry it out, laugh it out. Whatever. Just LET IT OUT.
Throw open the windows to your house. Let the light in. Your dark cloud will fade. I promise. 
Love you guys,
Quote: Robert Tenyson Stevens, Conscious Language

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