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Sep 23, 2020
I used to hate the word. It made me feel powerless. I felt as if I surrendered that my life would be consumed by all the forces of evil and everything I cared about would be taken from me! Not kidding. In my innocence I learned to try to control just about everything in order to feel safe in this world… The only problem is that it didn’t work. My life was a train wreck. 
Lately I’ve been noticing the things in this world that work in perfect harmony without any effort or awareness on my part. My lungs bring oxygen to my heart and brain. My heart beats so consistently without any conscious effort. My body digests my food. The sun warms the earth, the seasons renew themselves. All these things happen so beautifully without my having to control them. And then I wondered if they work so beutifully BECAUSE I’m not the One controlling them. 
The things we care less about we tend to be willing to leave it up to God. “Sure God, you can beat my heart and digest my food. But my money and my relationships, I’ll go ahead and take that into my own hands, thanks though! I know you’ve got the whole world spinning, but I’m not quite sure you can see what’s going on here, so I’m going to take this one.” We fail to surrender. And when we fail to surrender, we usually make matters worse… 
I’m learning right now that the more important the matter is to me, the more important it is for me to give it all up to God. The Master of the universe who sees all and knows all has the answers that I do not. Trust in Him is getting easier. And I’m becoming more comfortable with the unknown. I’m learning to fix my eyes on God who is LOVE. Whatever I can do today to love better, I do that thing and trust that the outcome is in His hands, not mine. I have surrendered and with that surrender, things are falling into place.
So this one is for you, the one out there trying to fix the mess that you might call your life. Recognize that there is someone out there who has placed this situation in your hands for a reason. Sit with it. Surrender to your pain. Soak up every ounce of knowledge you can from it, and do what LOVE asks of you.
Love you guys, 
🧡 Heather.

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