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Love yourself

Sep 10, 2020
The best thing you can do for any relationship is learn to love yourself.
It’s shaky ground to wait and rely on other people to validate you.; to hear you; to understand you and care. Of course when other people see you and love you it feels wonderful! But let me let you in on a little secret…
You don’t need it.
What you actually need, what you actually are longing for is your own self loving you. Your own self validating you; your own self listening to you, acting and following through; your own compassion; your own understanding… This is the gold that will transform you and every person you come in contact with. This is the magic that lasts.
Until you figure out how to be your own best friend; your own love; your own partner in life- everyone else’s love (no matter how incredible) will feel superficial and hollow to you. It will be temporary and you will find yourself doing things that don’t resonate with you in order to earn more. It’s a shaky foundation that cannot sustain you long-term. 
So today I want you to lift your own chin up. If you aren’t getting the validation you long for, I want you to stand your pretty little face in front of the mirror and tell the person standing there that you love him or her. I want you to place your hand on your heart and say “I see you. I know this is hard. I’ve got you. I’m not going anywhere, and we can do this!” 
Be your own friend today. You are by far the BEST person for the job.
Love you guys, 

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