Learning to Let Go

Sep 25, 2020
Learning to Let Go.
Yesterday I talked about all the things that happen so beautifully and naturally without us having to control them. Our hearts pump, our lungs fill with air, we digest our food, the seasons change, etc. All of these functions are effortless. All of these also have a flow to them. As I wrote I realized that with just about everything I can think of in nature, there is a gathering and releasing; an ebb and flow of opposites. We gather air, we release air, blood flows away, blood flows back, the sun comes up and draws back down, seasons come and seasons go… 
As I wrote I thought “No wonder I mess things up! I gather and I cling. I forget to trust that good things will always come back to me. I hesitate to let go.”


It is human nature to only want the good, to try to gather up all of the wonderful things and experience nothing less, but the truth is that life is just about 50/50. Humans are about 50/50. Emotions are about 50/50. There is light and there is darkness, a gathering and a releasing, an up and a down to just about everything that is natural and HEALTHY!
Today you are going to experience both. You will have highs and you will have lows. Light will come to you as well as darkness. My challenge to you is to trust that nothing is wrong. Things are unfolding exactly as they should be. This is the natural flow of human life. This is what it is to be ALIVE. 
In my opinion, to have a joyful life is to breathe it in. All of it. Take the “good” with the “bad” and acknowledge that all of these experiences help us grow and are for our ultimate good. It is to trust that the universe has your back and enjoy what is, knowing that eventually you will be letting it go.
Love you guys, 
🧡 Heather.


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