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I have a right to be here exactly as I am

Sep 07, 2020
“I have a right to be here - exactly as I am.”
My dear friend repeated her mantra to me the other day, and I can’t stop saying it both in my mind and out loud… 
“I have a right to be here - exactly as I am.”
Just a quick friendly reminder, in case you’ve forgotten: We’re all still humans!
Part of embracing this human experience is allowing ourselves to be full of flaws as we learn and grow. None of us are getting it all “right” and that’s OKAY! To be alive is to explore, make mistakes (if you can call them that), experience it, and move on! It’s fine! We have a right to plant our feet here on earth, fully engaged and fully alive anyway. 
So if you need a mantra today, when you’re having that awkward conversation with your neighbor, or when all the moms are staring because you “forgot your mask”, or when you’re running barefoot full fledged toward the school because you woke up late… give yourself a little smile and repeat after me:
“I have a right to be here exactly as I am.”
Quote: Aleisha Christensen. (A beautiful soul)

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