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Sep 16, 2020

“One of my favorite things is to be walking down the road and see the single flower that is blooming up through a crack in the hard concrete. I just want to stop right there and applaud and say, “You go, baby!” This is true joy.” - Alexander Loyd, The Healing Code.

Many of us, tend to confuse happiness for joy. Happiness is when things are going well in your life and you feel good about it. Joy on the other hand is the feeling you get when you have been through hell and you decide to grow anyway. That flower growing in the crack in the pavement decided to to reach for it’s potential against all odds. It had obstacles in it’s way and charted it’s own path. There is no way this lit could have done what it did by sitting still and looking at the pavement, pondering it’s bad luck. Instead it got there by gathering up the best vitamins and minerals it could from the earth, nourishing its little roots, looking up at the sun and reaching for it’s greatest heights.

Trav and I recently made the conscious decision to re-route our paths and GROW ANYWAY. Together we set new goals and I am amazed at how quickly joy has filled up our lives again.

For me, strength has come from clinging to the image in my mind of who God intended for me to be and then making the decision to become her. It has come from getting back in the drivers seat of my life and making small daily choices that align me with her. It has come from getting out of bed every morning and rising up to new heights.

You guys I know life can throw us some curve-balls. I know we don’t always see what is coming and we don’t get to choose some of our circumstances, but I want you to know that you can have joy in your life anyway! You can choose to reach you God-given potential against all odds.

Love you guys 🧡 - Heather

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