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God is in us

Sep 17, 2020
The other day I was deep in meditation. In this prayer-like state, the heavens felt so close It was almost as if I could reach out and touch them. A wave of courage came over me and I asked God to reveal himself to me. In an instant an image appeared in my mind but it was not an image of a magnificent figure sitting upon His throne, instead what was placed in my mind was the image of a newborn baby. I didn’t understand straight away, but as I felt the significance and watched this newborn baby it sent chills up and down my entire spine. My soul understood something and tears began to roll down my face as I sat and watched.
What I feel God was trying to tell me was this: God is in us. All of us. Every single soul that has been born on the earth was made of the Gods. That baby represented every soul, including me. I had the impression that if I want to see God I only need to open my eyes and look down at my own hands. He seemed to whisper that He is here. Mother is here. They are in me. I am made up of them. We all are. They are all around us in the seemingly small packages. In the newborn baby, in the flowers, the plants, the animals, the stars, the sky, the sun, the moon. Their miracles are everywhere. Witnesses of them surround us on a daily basis. 
It is a wonder to me to recognize how busy I have been going about trying to earn their presence in such a way that I couldn’t see they are right here. They have been here all along… Love, hope, faith, patience, kindness, grace, mercy. This is them in motion. The love that arises in my heart when I look into Aven and Parx’s eyes or reach for Travis’s hands. That is them. That is their love, manifesting it’s self in me and my family. They are there in that moment. They are here. 
Needless to say, my idea of the Gods are shifting. Father and Mother do not seem far away on some imaginative throne anymore. They, and I, are not awaiting the day that they can judge me and decide if I’m worthy to be with them again. I now feel deep within my heart that they are and always have been in every cell that makes up the miracle that is you and me. They couldn’t leave us if they tried.
If you like me have longed to see and know your God… open your eyes and look down at your own hands today. They are right here. God is in you.
Love you guys,
🧡 - Heather

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