Oct 02, 2020

Control. 🧐

The word has been on my radar lately. I've been extra aware of what is within my control and what is not.

I’ve been noticing how often I try to control things that are not mine to control (like what other people think of me or what other people do) and how it's a complete waste of time! I've been losing my interest in these things fast lately.

More than that though, I've been hyper aware of the ways that I freely give away things that are my right to control, to others. (Things like how I spend my time, what I do with my day. etc.) There are times when I say "yes" when I really mean "No." Times when I over-exsert myself to show up for people I barely even know. Times when I throw my own desires out the window, or let other people dictate how I feel.

Words like 'control' will pop up in my life and stay on my radar for one reason... It's time for a shift.🍃

I've been consciously deciding to let go of the things outside of my control and shift my focus on the only thing I can - myself; what I think, feel and do. It's pretty basic and sooo freeing to let the rest go! I've been making the conscious decision to CHOOSE my thoughts, feelings, opinion of myself, what I do with my time in a day and how I spend my life on purpose.
You guys, there are a lot of things that grab at your attention in a day. A lot of things that will pull at you demanding that you do something about it. There are also some thoughts that will linger in your brain ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY if you let them!

Today I want to give you permission to pause, breathe, and ask yourself, "Is this within my control?" (Ahem, if it is about anyone else's life. It. Is. NOT.) And if it is not, I grant you permission to LET IT GO. Shift your focus to what it is you hope to do today. Start dreaming up a better life for yourself and start saying "YES" to the things you really want to say "Yes" to.

Love you guys.
🧡 Heather.

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