Be Willing To Not Know

Oct 14, 2020

The more I know, the more I realize I don’t know. 🤯

This year has been an absolutely incredible opportunity for growth. I feel it. Life is expanding faster than I’ve ever experienced before. In this time of learning I have realized how much I didn’t know, and how beautiful of an experience it is to say the words ,“I don’t know” with peace in my heart. In ‘not knowing’ my mind can remain open to new ideas, new people, new conversation, and new ways to love. In not having everything figured out all the time, I am open to growth, God, and further revelation.

The old me always wanted to know. This made her feel safe. She wanted to formulate an opinion as quickly as possible, and then stood so dang firm in it—convinced her way was the right way—unwilling to hear anyone who might shake her. The old me thought she knew everything. She was suffering from her “knowing”.

I now realize that to “know” something is to shut the doors and lock away the keys to any new information. In “knowing” we close up our minds and hearts. We stop learning. We stunt our growth.
This one is for you, who is afraid of the unknown—afraid of sitting still and listening while someone else expresses an idea that is different from your own.

I encourage you to be willing to stay. Sit. Listen. Let someone else share with you their way of looking at things. Everyone is a genius in their own way. Everyone has something to say that could improve your life.

To be willing to say, “I don’t know” is not weakness. It is strength.

Love you guys,
🧡 Heather

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