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Heather Falter


I help you pick up your broken pieces and be who you were born to be. 

Becoming Whole Series

How To Pick Up Your Broken Pieces and Be Who You Were Born To Be

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What people are saying:

"During my Compassion Key session with Heather we were able to quickly uncover deep emotional wounding that has been holding me back for what has felt like lifetimes. I was amazed at how fast I was able to drop into an emotional state of allowance and compassion as we sifted through past traumas. Heather is masterful at guiding you through this process and you will leave feeling lighter, more compassionate and open, and free of the stories and experiences that have been holding you captive. If you are ready for a deep mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual shift, a Compassion Key session with Heather is an extremely quick way to alchemize your pain into power. I am looking forward to our next session." - Lindsey

Heather's Menus


These are my favorite Medical Medium recipes compiled into weekly menus. Each menu includes a printout for the fridge, shopping list with grocery pickup links, & recipe links!

You literally click, 'Add to Cart', stick the menu on the fridge, and you're good to go. Healthy meals for a whole week!

*Every meal is plant based, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, vegan, and actually suuuuper delicious! 

**Tips inside on how to make them kid or husband friendly if they like meat/cheese ;)

Happiness Menu $35

Created from The Brain Saver book, with the Depression Protocol in mind. This Menu includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, snacks, A Brain Stabilizer shot, and evening tea. (feeds 1-2 for breakfast and lunch and 2-4 people at dinner)

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Liver Rescue Menu $35

Created from the Liver Rescue Book. These are Heather's fav off-cleanse recipes for liver healing.



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Thyroid Healing Menu $35

Created from the Thyroid Healing Book. These recipes are perfect for anyone struggling with Thyroid health or Epstein Barr Virus. 


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Miracle Morning $15

This perfect for beginners! If you would like a nice way to ease into a healthier lifestyle, I highly recommend starting with the Miracle Morning and Making this your routine.

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Advanced 369 Cleanse $40

These are Heather's fav recipes for the Advanced 369 cleanse. This is a 9 day protocol and includes it's own Sharecast on Marco Polo. 

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Every tired woman within the sound of my voice, this one is for YOU! I see you carrying the weight of ten men! I see you putting in long hours making sure the kids are taken care of, the house is clean, and the people in your world are safe and healthy.   

You need your energy back. You need your life-force, and you deserve excitement for your passions again.

Come join us for this exclusive event. The Gift of Burnout Summit is here to revive you!