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Growing Feels Like Breaking

Roots Longing to Belong

Coming Home to Self

Living From Soul's Truth

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It Is I

Artist's Commentary:

I named this piece “It is I”. When I painted, I finished His eyes first. Each morning when I came into my studio, these giant eyes seemed to pierce through me. On days when I was struggling, or there were sad things going on in the world, I seemed to look in His eyes and it felt better. I felt the words often, “I am stronger than your storm, Heather.” I thought to name the painting ‘stronger than your storm’. One morning before painting I was reading Matt 14. The apostles were in the midst of waves in the sea. When they saw Christ walking on water, they were afraid. “But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.” 

It is I... To me He’s saying, “I’M HERE. I know you, and you know me. I love you, and it’ll be okay.” I find comfort in the way He spoke to them, like he knew them intimately, and in return knows us the same. My prayer is that if there is anyone wondering of Christ’s care for them, that they can look into these eyes and feel His undying love. He is direct. He can see our struggles and He is not afraid.

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Artist's Commentary:

I’m not sure how my wings got this way. I’m not sure how or when they broke. It was slow and something of subtlety… My wings were as colorful as they come. Out of my own fear, I’ve let them fall and turn gray. I’ve hidden myself. I’ve tried to be something that others will be pleased with, and in doing so, I’ve only found displeasure with myself. This image is me promising myself something… That I will pick up my wings and let them teach me to fly. Please, my loving God, let them fly.


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